Dr. Yuancai Fu - Traditional Chinese Medicine Expert In Barking

Dr Yuancai Fu Is a Chinese Traditional Medicine expert at Herbs & Acupuncture based in  Barking Dr. Fu studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Nan Jing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and achieved a five years’ medical degree (Bachelor degree) in 1989.
After working for 16 years in a public hospital in China, she continued her academic study in the field of primitive therapy, balance therapy, Liuhe needle therapy, abdominal acupuncture therapy and Fu’s subcutaneous needle therapy.
She has treated thousands of patients in the UK and she is specialised in infertility, menopause, digestive system problems (gastrointestinal disorders, colitis. IBS, constipation), migraine, arthritics, back pain, and joint pain. Dr Fu is a member of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK.