Customer Testimonials

R K Chanal
I am satisfied with the treatments. I like the staff are very nice with my mum and daughter when i going to treatment. I felt a lot better after treatments.
L PW Quilngworth
Dr tang is excellent 10 out of 10 very good. Totally satisfied no questions. Always helpful Margaret and all other staff willing to help.
Add tesI feel better with my problem. Medicine is functional. I am very happy with Doctor’s treatment.
All staff are helpful and gentle.
Thank you all…
Irina RCustomer Name
My name is Irina and my patient no. was R407 at the Ealing Broadway acupuncture centre. The 26 sessions I took were a complete treatment of acupuncture, acupressure, cupping and herbs therapy and it was the most wonderful present I have ever received from my husband and daughter for my 50th birthday. I used to have terrible upper back pain and also lumbar pain, but these have completly dissappeared following the treatment. Now I can finally say that I feel like a healthy person, which I though I'd never be again. I would like to especially thank Rainy, the manager, for all her heartfelt advice throughout my sessions, and also for the substantial discount which she offered me at the beginning of my treatment. Furthermore, I'm extremely grateful to Dr. Duo, whose "gold" hands have made the pain miraculously dissappear. I am still amazed by her ability to always find the vulnerable areas on my back which made the pain go away. I have also suffered from muscular cramps on both of my calves, which have healed following a special massage. I consider this place my HOME and the two ladies, MY FAMILY. I will always come back to visit them. I highly recommend acupuncture to everyone I know; don't hesitate to invest in your health by following this holistic treatment which has been practiced for thousands of years. I would like to thank Dr. Duo one more time for her warm, firm hands, and for her welcoming smile whenever I came in for sessions. I wish her all the good in the world. With sincere thanks, Irina R.
AI would like to write a recommendation on your website.
Dr Fu is excellent.
Margaret is professional and helpful.
"I am a patient at the East Ham branch since 2 months.
I went over there because of my fibroids and endometrial polyp.
Since 2 months, Dr Fu is treating me with acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies.
My life has changed for good: I can have normal life and feel normally during my periods. Moreover, on a overall level, I feel so much better.
I used to have heavy periods and to feel bad during these moments.
I was looking for a solution in the UK, in France and in Poland...and nothing! Doctors told me that it is possible to live with that and to take pill or IUD (hormons). Nobody understood that there is something wrong and that the problem has to be treated at its roots.
Acupuncture sessions and herbal treatment are really helping me.
Dr Fu is excellent. I thank him for his help.
Margaret, the lady in the shop, is friendly, helpful and professional.
Very good team at the East Ham branch!
Thank you.
Excellent, i have been suffering from varies muscle pains, vomiting symptoms for many years going back and from the NHS getting various tables and physio treatment for over 10 years. I finally decided to try Chinese herbs and acupuncture and i have to admit it worked! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!!!! Thank you to the whole team!
I feel so relaxed and my Dr Zhao is a very kind lady and i feel so much better. Thank you!
A Abdi
Thank you Dr Fu and Margaret for all your help and good advice my mum feel much better. i will recommend you to friends and family...
A Vaideliene
I want to say big thanks for dear Doctor Haixian Fu who made me fell much better and got rid off the pain i came with especially last time was helpful. I am very thankful and i am glad that i chose you to treat my pain. Thank you!
I have been coming here for a round 10 weeks to fix a longstanding problem with my leg. I am delighted to say that the improvement have been amazing. I have no pain or stiffness. I really recommend this place herbs and acupuncture and thank the team for making me better.
Rosa Ramirez
After 6 sessions, my back pain is gone. I am thankful to Dr Xu for his good job.
I feel much better. If I need come back I don’t hesitate to come back for a new treatment.
Ps: to reception: very nice, polite and helpful!
I originally came for a shoulder issue which was diagnosis was a frozen shoulder and I was suggested a treatment of acupuncture/cupping and massage through I found cupping was not for me and continued to have the treatment though 8 sessions within 4 sessions my shoulder responded to the treatment of acupuncture and massage and felt much better, the issue completely gone.
As I had other issues also like knee problems I decided to use my last set of treatment to tackle this issue and again has helped with the knee issues as well on top of being perscribled herbal medicine to promote the healing of my problems. Over all I can say I am 100% better on my shoulder and around 75% on knees.
The staff are very co-operative understanding the need of their patients problems and would definitely recommend to my Chinese herbal medicine to anyone who suffers health problems rather than be sceptical about it.
Thank you again to all the staff and Drs for helping with the healing of my health issues…
J Akimnwlasire
Since I been coming here, Dr Xu and the staff has been so good to me. They communicate very well with me and the Dr was very good. Who helped me. He treated my left knee with massage. I like the treatments as it helped me and I would like to continue. I can recommend this treatment to anyone.
N Beata
Please accept this letter as my personal letter of recommendation for Herbs & Acupuncture.
I was referred to her for acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine by my friend who was suffered from hair loss and stress. Since seeing the Doctor, her problems have gone.
Struggling with no period, hormonal problems and stress for over 10 years, I decided I would give acupuncture a try to assist with my health problems. During my first visit Doctor spent a considerable amount of time asking a variety of questions and performed an examination of my medical history.
I have since received a several times full of session. Doctor has also provided me with variety of Chinese Herbs and supplements. Immediately following my first treatment, I have noticed a significant difference in my overall health. The treatments have helped with my regular period and boosting energy. The treatments have helped with sleeping quality, and increased willpower and over emotional and psychological well-being and helped me to become pregnant, at the moment I am expecting a baby.
Doctor is a gifted practitioner and healthcare provider with amount of knowledge in the acupuncture and TCM field. She has a strong passion for her work, which comes to light as she works with her patients. I would not hesitate to seek Doctor advice and treatment for any health related issues and would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends. She is truly wonderful person.
S Regith
Dr. Lee thanks for your help😊))
I had trouble getting pregnant for 6 years, after your treatment I got blessed with a healthy baby boy (6Mar 2017).
Me and my husband are very happy with your treatment, hope to send anybody who need such case.
D Murphy
I had a rapped nerve in my neck and had serious pain running down both arms, especially my right arm. It was constant. Not just pain but stinging, pins and needles and a burning sensation.
I’ve had 10 sessions of acupuncture and acupressure and fed so much better. I feel the acupressure in particular helped because I always left so much better after this.
Thank you to all the staff, especially Dr Tao!
B Mcboughhi
I came to the clinic with a lower bad back. I am in pain 24 hours a day. I cannot walk for far that I have sit and rest. Now I can walk for sometime before I will have a rest. My nerves are okey is not that tight as I first came to the clinic. The pain has also ese a bit. The doctor had done good work on me. I will commend any of my friends and family to Doctor Zhang at Ealing branch.xt here...
B Shaikumar
I am very pleased with Doctor Xu, he knows his job well. I am happy with the treatment he gave me, and actually I feel better.
Many thx!
Re: Dr Xu. We are happy to visit this please, they are really help, as my son was suffering from this problem about a year.
Thanks a lot for all staff of the clinic.
I wanted to get my body ready for IVF treatment. Also work on my lower back and hip stiffness. I am receiving acupuncture treatment, herbal tea and massage. I am half way through my treatment. After each session I feel very relaxed and the massage helps to loosen my back. As I don’t have any other symptoms it is hard to compare the results of the acupuncture for my fertility. The tea is very unpleasant to taste but I am persevering.

I will recommend Dr Sun to friends and family.
Rebecca Price
Re Dr Zhang
I started treatment after suffering with severe back pain for more than 3 months. I had my initial assessment and was advised to have acupuncture and cupping. I noticed a considerable difference after my very first treatment, and have had very few episodes of pain since continuing my treatment. I am extremely happy with my treatment and have recommended the establishment to many friends, family and colleagues.

The staff are very friendly and helped and open to answer any questions.
S Jayakvmar
Slimming Tea
Thanks so much for my dieters drink tea. I am lighter on my feet and body and I dropped a size in dres. Keep up the good service, you are genuine and great.
Thank you!
Olu Adelena
I have had treatment for my back pain with Dr Sun. I had back problems for many years and Dr Sun has managed to ease that for me a lot! Thank you!
I have also had a herbal treatment for my skin problems which is working well. I can see great improvement after having taken the herbs now for 6 weeks.
Dr Sun is great and all the ladies working at the clinic are extremely friendly. Thank you all!
Sylvia Judycka
I wanted to say thank you for the last weeks of treatment I received from doctor Wang whom helped removed from my back pain and also as very friendly.
Odinelsa Mendes
I was very happy to meet doctor Sun because with his help I take the right tea and I feel very good and my skin looks better. Thank you doctor Sun for change my life. God bless you and your team!
Bejenaru Elena
I have started my treatment for severe injury to my left leg at Harrow branch.
The doctor is superb at finding the problems and enable mobilization. I have found the treatment is extremely beneficial and I would always recommend acupuncture treatment for almost the first because the treatment benefit in finding the cause and for body, mind and spirit.
Pamela Single OBE
I started my first treatment on 5 Nov 2016 on a eight week course with Dr Sun for my allergies. I received acupuncture and herbal tea. My treatment worked very well and I was amazed on how fast acting the treatment is as I have severe allergies. I thought the service was good and friendly. They understood my symptoms and quickly prescribed the correct herbs that worked. I would recommend this place to my family and friends.
Kerel Gumbs
I wanted to give my thanks and blessings to the amazing team here for over many years I was trying to get pregnant. I can now say I am 7 months and due in Aug 2014. I feel without the help of acupuncture and the treatment I would not have achieved this. It is amazing and I am so happy and thankful!
Jennifer Klopperborg
Herbal Treatment-excellent
Cupping- Excellent
After treatment I suffer less pain and enjoy greater energy!
R Nounwer
Came to the clinic last year was very anxious about my pregnancy high blood pressure. But the staff and the care I received from them was more than excellent I was able to carry my baby up to 36 weeks and delivered a healthy baby. The care I get from Dr Li was exceptional and all the staff were wonderful. I would recommend this clinic for all pregnancy issues.
Thank you so much for everything God bless you.
Eugenia Hanna
I am pleased to say that this clinic has helped me recover from psychotic medication which left me confused and unable to function.
They have balanced my body and mind and diagnosed me with kidney problem. Finally I have been wishing to stop smoking and I feel no need to light a cigarette which is great. Because visiting the clinic improved my fertility along with improving my diet. I am now pregnantJ
Sanah Eljane
I had shoulder and back pain for more than a month. This pain increases with stress and work. The pain increases during night. After having sessions of acupuncture, massage and cupping, I started feeling a lot better and I can sleep without any pain.
G White
Excellent service which has significant helped to improve my lower back pain from 22 years ago!
Excellent doctors and staff!
S Aldington
Serious case of acne on face with a lot of scarring and blemishes. Around April a colleague of my job told me about this place, so I come by to see what be done for me. I visited my doctor many times and pills and creams did not work despite seeing a demotologist in South East London.
3 months on with herbal treatment I have a clear skin. Only scarring left to get rid of. I have been advised to carry on with the course I was initially put on but on a less doss.
I am much happier with my skin and medication given. I also have some pics taken of my face the day before I started the course of herbs I was given,
Kate Modge
Hi, my name is Sinem Mahamout, I started acupuncture so that I can lose weight. In six weeks I lost 2 stones, with the help of my herbal tea and acupuncture. From 13 stone 12 pounds now I am 11 stone 13 pounds.
I am very happy that I have lost that weight. I would advice anybody to try herbal tea and acupuncture it is very easy.
Simem Mahamnout
I have been amazed by the magical and clever needles of my doctor. She puts sun in me again.
Thank you so much! My energy is dancing again!
Jean Francis